Scented Wax Dipped Santa Moose


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This wax moose is hand dipped in scented soy wax and makes an adorable decorative air freshener! It comes with an erasable chalkboard and chalk. Customize the chalkboard with messages for the season! The hat can be removed and replaced with seasonal accessories such as a witch hat for Halloween or a straw hat for summertime.

This moose comes sitting in a candle pan that will protect the shelf surface. The candle pan has a handle making it very easy to move for cleaning/dusting!

When the scent of the moose begins to fade or it becomes dusty, simply reheat the wax with a blow dryer. This will reactivate the scent and any dust will disappear. When scent has completely faded, scent refresher spray is available for purchase in our store. Simply spray lightly, then remelt the wax with the blow dryer.

Our wax dipped animals are a perfect gift for those unable to light candles and will fill your cabin with a delightful aroma and decorative, country touch.

This moose is made to order and will ship in 3-5 days. It comes packaged in a protective cellophane wrapping.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Apple Maple Bourbon, Blue Spruce, Cinnamon Stick, Fraser Fir, Maple Butter, Maple Orange Clove, Mistletoe, Mulled Cider, Mulled Wine, Sugar Cookie, Unscented, Vanilla, Vermont Maple Sugar, White Birch


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