Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy soy candles instead of paraffin candles?

Soy wax is cleaner burning than paraffin wax which puts toxic chemicals in the air when burning.  Soy also has a longer burn time.  Unlike paraffin wax, soy is a renewable resource and is completely biodegradable.  Since soy is made from hydrogenated soybean oil, the jar cleans up with soap and water and can be reused.  Purchasing ecofriendly soybean products creates important economic growth for the agricultural sector of the US economy.

Why does my soy candle have crystal patterns in it?

Natural soy wax can have  slight white discoloration/crystallization patterns. This “frosting” is an indicator that the candle is pure soy, and many soy candle lovers actually look for this to ensure that the candle is all natural. This frosting in no way affects how the candle burns or smells and is a very normal property of soy wax candles.

When should I trim the wick?

Our candles are made with a self-trimming cotton wick. For best results, keep your candle in a draft-free location. If your candle is away from drafts, but the flame is “dancing” and the wick is giving off smoke, it means it is time to trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch.

How do I keep my candle from tunneling?

In order to maximize the full New England fragrance of these spectacular candles, allow them to burn 1 hour for each inch of the candle’s diameter or until the candle has completely melted across the top. This will help prevent your candle from “tunneling” and leaving unmelted wax along the side of the glass.

How can I burn my candle safely?

Always burn candles within sight,  Keep away from things that catch fire and away from children and pets.   Burn candles on a heat-resistant surface away from drafty areas.  Keep the wax free of debris.  Trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time the candle is lit.  Stop burning candles when 1/2 inch of unmelted wax remains.